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Morten Starostka
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Denmark
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Hard Rock
Favourite cartoon character: I watch so many cartoons that this question is not fair.
Personal Quote: Call me a traitor, but I prefere to be called a rat, since rats know when to leave a sinking ship.
So its been a year already... A year since I started working for EUROPART, it went by quick and painless. Work at EUROPART made me realise that work is more to it than earning money and make time go by. It opened my eyes to other things than what I was used to. I worked at the metalworks before comming there, the joy of working at the metalworks were my wonderful co-workers and the peace to think. EUROPART was something else, it was as I wrote a year ago, my foot in the door, an oppertunity to attain greater goals. It opened my eyes to a brighter future.

I was fired a little under a month ago from EUROPART. Well fired is such a harsh word, but that was essentually what was done, they informed me of their intention to not to refresh my contract after New Years. My boss commented that it took the news very lightly. I knew EUROPART was just a stepping stone and that my stay there would come to an end sooner or later, so it was no surprise to me. I left with a smile on my face, that I had achived what I wanted and they had no longer a need for my services, I didn't feel the guilt I had when I had left the metalworks.

But there were loose ends that needed to be tied. According to my union I needed 48 more work hours to be able to get financial support (A thing my parents suggested I get), so we called a favor from EUROPART, that they'd allow me to work for them for 48 hours. Time went by and after New Years, I called them again to find out what they had come up with. They informed me that they were interrested in providing me with the nessecary 48 hours, but only when I had worked the 204 hours that I was missing. That was where things got complicated.

Now I'd be lying if I followed my contract to every written word, but from what I understood during our talks; They'd pay me for 160 hours work a month no matter how many hours I worked, provided I worked on weekdays like any other worker. According to my contract I was allowed to work from home if I made a way to note down my hours, which I did, and give it to my employer every week, which I didn't. The spreadsheet with my hours was however given to my employer on a monthly basic when we made Backup copies of my work. I worked a whole year, as much as everybody in EUROPART, each and every day I was able to do so. I worked, ignorant to the fact that the hours I had missed for whatever reason were pilling up.

In the end that added up to 204 hours that had pilled up, the majority of those were from one single month, Febuary, the month I was hired by EUROPART. I was only able to work 77 hours in that month because I started working for EUROPART during the last half of the month.

I was startled by this, I had no idea that I had been 204 hours behind schedule and I therefor told them I'd be comming the monday after to discuss the matter. So yesterday I drove there early morning to get this loose end sorted. What a nightmare... My boss whome I had worked with for a year and was quite happy with, was a whole other person. This was about money now, everything I had misunderstood was because I was young and naive. He claimed I had only once turned over my spreadsheet during that whole year and I therefor had broken the contract. I had no saying in that matter, it was my word against theirs. We discussed why I hadn't been asked to turn it over more often then and that was my own fault too, it was part of my own responsibility, despite my contract saying that I was his responsibility if I failed to meet the contracts demands. I wanted to know if it was even possible for them to demand the money back if I for some reason couldn't work for them and what they'd do if I for example already had used the money. I could hear their jaws drop to the floor at that moment. According to them, that was only a question about my morals, if I felt enough like a crook... they made it sound like it was something I was actually intending to do. The conversation ended with my employer saying "If I was to write your recommendation today I would seriously consider not writing some of the nice things I did."

Now 204 hours isn't much, they offered me to either work those 204 hours or pay the money I had been payed for those 204 hours back. I agreed to work some of it off and pay the rest, because I had plans, and this could collide with those. But the more I thought about the meeting and the things we had discussed and how things had turned out... the less I felt welcome. Soon after the meeting, my employer was back to normal, playing jokes and being how I remembered him from before the meeting. But it was like everytime he laughed I could hear the machine inside him grind its gears. It just wasn't the same people I was working with anymore. I have decided to work off this assignment, then turn in my stuff, pay the bill and leave them.

I left with a smile, was called back slightly confused and left furious... I just want this to be over with so I can focus on my goals again, turn the page and start anew. At lease I learned something new from this, 'Words count for nothing lest they be written in the blackest of inks'
  • Listening to: Nirvana - Rape me
  • Reading: The Last Guardian
  • Watching: Life passing by
  • Playing: Don't bother asking
  • Eating: Apple
  • Drinking: Water

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